Donald Trump,

What a dump,

What a pussy grabber

And a witless rambler

Could this country ever

Up a stump?

Donny the builder,

A wall asunder…

And Mexicans to pay

To have your way

‘N your name display

As the wallpaper?

Delusional Don,

Your uni’s a con,

What could you know

When your own casino

Lost a billion dough

Forever gone!

Donald my comrade,

Murica’s betrayed!

Is Putin your bossy pimp

Or you his dancing chimp

Or just a imp

For Rusky’s charade?

Donald deary tart,

You’re like a ‘smart,’

Your speeches slurred

With bigly words

‘Though smells a turd

When your brain farts.

Donald so lax.

Show us your tax,

Why would you hide

Your financial stride

If your loaded pride

Isn’t full of cracks?

Manly the Donald,

Ivanka to fondle,

Would those little fingers

Slip off the nuculars

From groping hookers

And supermodels?

Donald the tweeter,

No rhyme or meter,

Your fact-free hyping

With fourth grade typing

And who’ll do the wiping

Your verbal excreter?

Donald the president,

Putin’s got you desk-bent,

How a gerrymander-in-chief

And a commander-in-thief

Lose the popular beef

Snatch the electoral consent?

Mr Trump, get your brain hot-wired

Or, Mr Trump, you will be fired!